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Welcome to the PSN Wiki

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Development Process

Development_Process page has the PSN Development process listed step by step.

Project List

Here is a list of documented projects.


Systems Department

Visit the Systems Department page for department information.

Product Team

Visit the ProductTeam page for information.

Useful Tips

Error Emails and what to do about them Error_Emails
Replicated DB information PowerSportsReplica_Database
Searching in Visual Source Safe (for things like SQL changes) VSS_Searching
Static Content tag and instructions on how to use it CONTENT_SERVER
Wicked10 and Wicked50 Spider handlers, Crawling PSN websites Wicked_Spider_Handler


Visit the different links pages for useful stuff.

  • XML_Reports - Reports built to determine the quickest and most efficient way of processing large amounts of XML data.

Test Code Map

This is a sample of how we might map our codebase/scripts

IT Dept Meetings

IT Documentation

Important Stuff

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